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Why should I renew my WPZOOM license?

5 Important Reasons to Renew Your WPZOOM License

Here are our favorite reasons to renew your license:


Important Reasons to Renew Your WPZOOM License:

  • 1. Get the latest theme features

    We regularly update all our themes with new features and big new updates. Popular themes like Inspiro or Foodica, for example, are now on their fourth major iteration. Renew your license to continue getting the latest updates and theme features, big and small.

  • 2. Keep your site safe

    We always make sure the latest versions of our themes are security-safe and follow industry best practices. Renew your license to continue getting important security updates.

  • 3. World-class support whenever you need it

    Whether you’ve talked to our world-class support team a little, a lot or not-at-all over the last twelve months, renew your license to continue getting help whenever you need it.

  • 4. Compatibility with the latest WordPress features

    WordPress receives major updates three to four times a year (as well as dozens of minor updates along the way). We always make sure the latest versions of our themes are compatible with the latest version of WordPress — and the latest WordPress features.

  • 5. Bonus! All Themes Package: get all the themes we make in the next twelve months

    Our All Themes Package represents incredible value: access to our whole library of themes with support and updates to go with it. Renew your All Themes license and not only do you get support and updates for all the themes already in the library, but you also get all the themes we produce in the next twelve months. An incredible deal!


How to renew my WPZOOM license?

Ready to renew your license? Head to the Licenses page, log in, find the needed theme or package to renew and click on the Renew license link.


Renew Your License Now



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