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Presence – Homepage Slideshow

This article refers to Presence

The Slideshow in Presence theme appears automatically at the top of your front page.

If you don’t see it on your front page, please make sure to set one of the following Page Template to your front page:

  • Homepage (Page Builder)
  • Homepage (Unyson Builder)
  • Homepage (Widgetized)

The Slideshow from the top on Front Page can display different content. Depending on the site you’re building, you can change in Theme Options > Homepage > Slideshow what you want to display: featured posts, featured pages, real estate listings or slideshow posts.

If you selected to display Featured Posts or Featured Pages, then a new option to mark a specific page or posts as featured will appear when you’ll edit a post or a page. Checking that option at the top right will tell the slideshow which posts or pages to include in it.

If you selected to display Slideshow Posts then you can add new slides by creating new Slideshow posts from the admin menu with the same name. Each Slideshow posts will result in a separate slide of the homepage slideshow.

More options for the slideshow can be found in Theme Options > Homepage > Slideshow:



How to Change the Order of Items in Slideshow

The order of items/posts in the Slideshow can be changed from Re-order page under Posts, Pages or Slideshow sections, depending what your slideshow displays:

Last updated on April 7, 2020