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Licensing Questions

Everything you need to know about renewing your license

Licensing Questions

  • What happens when my license expires after 12 months?

    If you do not renew your license, you will no longer have access to download your theme or plugin, updates, or receive technical support. You are free to continue using our products for as long as you like on your websites, but some functionalities related to these products might be limited in the Dashboard.


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  • How do I renew my license?

    You will receive a notification email seven days prior to the license expiration date. You can also find a renewal link on the “Licenses” page.

  • What do I receive when renewing my license?

    Renewing your license provides an additional year of support and updates to your product. This ensures compatibility with newer versions of WordPress and potentially new features and enhancements to the product itself.

  • Why do I need to renew my license every year?

    In some marketplaces, you can pay a single price, say $50, and you’ll get updates for a lifetime. Unfortunately, this is not a sustainable business model for a software product. The first few years are fine, but it gets a little scary beyond that.