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5 Best Recipe Plugins for WordPress Food Blogs in 2024

Best WordPress Recipe Plugins

Food blogging is always evolving, and having the right WordPress plugins can really boost your blog’s performance and appeal. There’s a wide variety of plugins out there, each with its own set of cool features to improve the way you share recipes and interact with your readers. 

Navigating through the vast sea of WordPress plugins can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. After extensive research and consideration, we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress recipe plugins that stand out for their ease of use, feature-rich interfaces, and positive user feedback.

Top 3 WordPress Recipe Plugins: Quick Look

  1. Recipe Card Blocks: Stylish, SEO-friendly templates for appealing recipe posts.
  2. WP Delicious: Engaging, interactive plugin for dynamic recipe content creation.
  3. WP Recipe Maker: Flexible, user-friendly for customizable recipe publishing.

5 Best WordPress Recipe Plugins: In-Depth Reviews

We’ve chosen them for their solid features and how they can make your recipe blog more user-friendly and engaging. Let’s take a closer look at each of these plugins and see what makes them so great for food bloggers.

1. Recipe Card Blocks

Recipe Card Blocks

Recipe Card Blocks is the best WordPress recipe plugin. It is an ideal choice for food bloggers looking to showcase their recipes in a stylish and effective manner online. 

Focused on both aesthetics and user experience, this plugin simplifies the process of adding and editing recipes. It includes a live preview feature within the WordPress editor, allowing bloggers to see exactly how their recipe will look on their WordPress website as they’re creating it. This helps in achieving a polished and professional appearance.

This plugin incorporates Schema.org markup, ensuring that your recipes are not only visually appealing but also structured in a way that’s easy for search engines to understand.

It is compatible with any WordPress theme, ensuring that it can integrate seamlessly into a wide range of website designs. Additionally, the plugin offers integration with Elementor widgets, which is particularly beneficial for users who prefer this popular page builder for designing their websites.

But Recipe Card Blocks isn’t just about displaying recipes. It comes with additional features like star ratings, inviting readers to rate recipes right on your blog. It also supports the addition of nutrition facts, and bloggers can enhance their recipes with video content and lists of necessary equipment.

A key aspect of WP Delicious is its focus on SEO. The plugin uses Schema-friendly markup, crucial for making recipes more visible on search engines.

Recipe Card Blocks Pricing

Recipe Card Blocks Pricing

The Recipe Card Blocks plugin for WordPress offers three pricing plans: 

  • Starter at $59 per year, suitable for new food blogs and a license for 1 website
  • Professional at $79 per year, offers all features for up to 3 sites 
  • Business at $99 per year, best for teams and agencies with up to 5 sites

All plans are billed yearly, and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Alongside these paid options, Recipe Card Blocks also provides a free version, making it an accessible choice for those seeking a free WordPress recipe plugin.

2. WP Delicious

WP Delicious

WP Delicious (formerly Delicious Recipes) is an advanced WordPress recipe plugin that combines ease of use with a suite of powerful features, making it a perfect tool to both amateur cooks and professional food bloggers.

The plugin goes beyond basic functionalities. It includes a user dashboard that enables readers to register, rate recipes, and add them to their favorites, fostering a sense of community on your site.

In terms of design, WP Delicious shines with its modern recipe cards layout. It’s not only eye-catching but also supports various media types like images and videos. This flexibility allows bloggers to create more dynamic and engaging recipe posts. Additionally, the plugin provides options for adding nutritional information, appealing to health-conscious readers and adding an educational aspect to your recipes.

Another great feature is the front-end recipe submission, allowing users to share their own recipes. The plugin includes an analytics dashboard, giving bloggers insights into how their recipes perform and who their audience is.

For those interested in monetization and marketing, WP Delicious has got you covered with affiliate promotion features. Bloggers can easily integrate affiliate links within their tasty recipes, opening up opportunities for revenue. Plus, the plugin’s compatibility with Pinterest Rich Pins broadens the social media appeal of the recipes, making them more shareable on a platform popular among food lovers.

WP Delicious Pricing

WP Delicious Pricing

WP Delicious offers two main pricing plans for its WordPress recipe plugin: 

  • 1-Year Plan priced at $59 for 1 site 
  • Lifetime Plan at $199 for 1 site 

The 1-Year Plan provides updates and support for one year, while the Lifetime Plan offers lifetime updates and support. Additionally, there is a free version available with limited features.

3. WP Recipe Maker

WP Recipe Maker

WP Recipe Maker stands out in the world of culinary blogging as a versatile WordPress plugin. It’s known for its flexibility and ease of use, compatible with various WordPress editors including the Classic and Gutenberg, as well as the widely used Elementor page builder.

Bloggers will appreciate the diverse range of customizable recipe templates WP Recipe Maker offers. These allow for tailoring the look of recipes to align with the specific style and branding of a site. Beyond just aesthetics, the plugin also features engaging elements like interactive rating and commenting systems, adding a dynamic layer of user interaction.

A standout feature is the shoppable ingredients option, which simplifies the process for readers to buy necessary recipe ingredients. This not only adds convenience for the audience but also opens avenues for affiliate marketing for bloggers.

This plugin is a favorite for its automatic generation of JSON-LD metadata, a format that search engines prefer for organizing data. It also integrates smoothly with leading SEO tools like Yoast SEO and Rank Math, enhancing its appeal to bloggers focused on search engine visibility.

One of the key reassurances with WP Recipe Maker is the content preservation guarantee. If a blogger ever deactivates the plugin, their recipes remain intact and accessible, ensuring the long-term safety and integrity of their content.

WP Recipe Maker Pricing

WP Recipe Maker Pricing

It offers three pricing bundles: 

  • Premium Bundle priced at $49/year for 1 site and includes basic features like adjustable servings, user ratings, and ingredient links
  • Pro Bundle priced at $99/year for 1 site, adds features like calculated nutrition facts, unit and temperature conversion, and custom recipe fields
  • Elite Bundle priced at $149/year for 1 site, provides all the features of the Pro Bundle plus extras like recipe collections, a quick-access shopping list, and recipe submissions

Each bundle comes with different licensing options for multiple sites.

4. Zip Recipes

Zip Recipes

Zip Recipes is a WordPress plugin designed to streamline and elevate the management of culinary content on websites. It’s known for being user-friendly while offering advanced features that appeal to both casual cooks and professional food bloggers.

One of the plugin’s standout features is its optimization for Google. By using schema.org microdata and JSON LD, Zip Recipes ensures that your delicious recipes are formatted in a way that enhances their visibility on search engines.

A particularly handy feature is its serving adjustments functionality. This allows users to easily modify ingredient amounts based on their desired number of servings, making the plugin adaptable and convenient for various cooking needs.

For health-conscious readers, automatic nutrition calculation adds a significant value. It automatically calculates nutritional data for each recipe, providing an informative layer to food blogs.

The plugin offers a choice of six different customizable templates, enabling users to select a design that aligns with their website’s style. It also includes a rating system, allowing readers to give feedback on recipes, beneficial to both the blogger and their audience.

Social sharing is seamlessly integrated, with support for platforms like Pinterest and BigOven, enhancing the plugin’s appeal in terms of content distribution.

Recognizing the needs of a global audience, Zip Recipes supports both imperial and metric measurement systems, catering to international users accustomed to different units.

Lastly, the inclusion of a recipe search function, with the capability to search by ingredients, significantly improves the user experience. This feature makes it easy for readers to find recipes based on available ingredients, simplifying the decision-making process in cooking.

Zip Recipes Pricing

Zip Recipes Pricing

It offers three premium plans: 

  • Personal for a single license at $39/year
  • Pro covers 5 domains at $129/year
  • Agency offers unlimited domains at $249/year

All plans include 1 year of support and updates.

5. WP Tasty

WP Tasty

WP Tasty is a WordPress plugin specifically crafted for culinary content creators, notable for its intuitive interface, visually appealing design, and comprehensive features. The plugin simplifies the recipe creation process, providing users with six elegantly designed recipe card themes. These themes are versatile and integrate smoothly with different website designs, enhancing the visual appeal of the recipes shared.

It includes a hands-free cooking mode, which allows users to follow recipes without the need to touch their devices, making the cooking process more convenient and hygienic. Additionally, the plugin offers ingredient checkboxes, enabling users to keep track of the ingredients they have already used in a recipe, thereby simplifying the cooking process.

The easy recipe scaling functionality allows users to effortlessly adjust the quantity of ingredients based on the number of servings they need, making the plugin particularly useful for both small family meals and larger gatherings.

From an SEO perspective, WP Tasty excels by including support for JSON-LD structured data.

Compatibility is another strength of the WP Tasty plugin. It is designed to work seamlessly with various page builders, ensuring that users who rely on these tools for website design can easily integrate the plugin into their existing workflows.

WP Tasty Pricing

WP Tasty Pricing

WP Tasty offers four plans for its recipe plugin: 

  • Basic is $49/year for one site
  • Plus is $99/year for 3 sites
  • Pro is $199/year for five sites with priority support
  • All Access is $299/year for 25 sites, including additional plugins (Tasty Links, Tasty Pins, and Tasty Roundups)

There’s also a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Bottom Line

Selecting the right WordPress recipe plugin can significantly enhance your food blog’s appeal and functionality. Each of these top three plugins offers unique features and benefits, catering to different blogging needs and styles. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Recipe Card Blocks: Provides diverse, stylish templates for visually appealing and SEO-optimized recipe posts.
  2. WP Delicious: A user-friendly plugin with interactive features, ideal for creating engaging recipe content.
  3. WP Recipe Maker: Offers flexibility and ease of use, perfect for customizable recipe publishing.

Incorporating any of these top-rated plugins into your food blog will not only streamline your recipe publishing process but also improve your site’s engagement and visibility. Whether you prioritize aesthetic appeal, user interaction, or customization, these recipe plugins are tailored to elevate your culinary blogging experience.

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